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The production of hormones is carried out both by specialized organs and by individual cells diffusely located in tissues

Therefore, when the functioning of the endocrine organs changes, there can be a pronounced deficiency of hormones with serious disturbances in the functioning of the body. In such situations, as a rule, the best way out of the situation is cytotec pills, which make it possible to compensate for the deficiency of one or another hormone. At the same time, often taking cytotec drugs allows you to achieve stable compensation.

As a rule, cytotec pills are used for violations in work

However, in conditions of a deficiency of certain hormones, cytotec pills are used as replacement therapy and, as a rule, require long-term administration. In such a situation, the pills are taken daily, either for life, or until the impaired function of the hormone production organ is restored.

hypothalamic-pituitary system; pineal gland; thyroid and parathyroid glands; adrenal glands; sex glands.


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Also, cytotec pills can be used in order to obtain certain effects of hormones. Thus, glucocorticoids are widely used as a means of reducing the severity of inflammatory processes in autoimmune diseases. However, their long-term use can be accompanied not only by the suppression of the functioning of their own adrenal glands, but also by various side effects (hirsutism, weight gain and metabolic disorders). Because of these side effects, patients often stop taking medications on their own, which is a rather serious problem.